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Our strengths

Multiple production line

We can produce petroleum machinery, auto parts, forging and pressing equipment marine machinery, textile machinery and other industries of heavy casting parts.


Advanced production technology

With the methods of Sodium silicate sand process, resin sand process, V casting process and lost mold process, etc., we can produce a variety of precision cast steel, sand cast steel, alloy steel, high manganese steel, cast iron, ductile iron and other mechanical parts.


Advantages of production equipment

Our steel casting workshop has a set of intermediate frequency electric furnaces of 5 tons, 4 tons and 3 tons each, the cast iron workshop has a Set of V method production line, two sets of 1.5t intermediate frequency electric furnaces, one set of trolley type normalizing electric furnace and two sets of large annealing furnace.

We can produce a single cast steel accessories less than 10 tons, with annual production capacity of 13,000 tons.

Our machining factory has CNC 4 meters, 2.3 meters, 2 meters, 1.25 meters and other types of vertical lathe, CNC milling machine, large CNC boring and milling machine, large floor planer, large tooth milling machine and other machining equipment, according to different customer needs for casting, cutting, quality and quantity to meet customer satisfaction.


Advantages of testing equipment

To ensure the inherent quality of products, our company is equipped with advanced automatic spectrometer, UT flaw detector, multi-functional tensile testing machine, hardness tester, metallographic structure microscope and other essential testing instruments.